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Frequently Asked Questions

Limelight was created from the idea of three members of our core team. We all shared a passion for music and going to live events. We felt that there wasn't a substantial platform on the market for creating and reading in-depth reviews about live music events.

We made Limelight for the general user who wants to find out in detail information about artists or venues before they purchase a ticket to go and see them. Reading reviews from like-minded regular people to get the full authenticity and disclosure, without outsider/3rd party influence.

How you use Limelight depends on what type of user you want to be.

Regular Member

This is the standard user type for Limelight. Sign up as this user type to be able to create, upvote and downvote reviews. Get reward for leaving more reviews with account flair and tailored information and suggestions based on your preferences that we calculate for you.

Artist/Venue Owner

This user type allows you to create your own Artist or Venue page for Limelight. Start from scratch and promote yourself, band or venue; or request access to an existing page on the site to take ownership of it. Most Artist and Venue pages on Limelight will have been created by our admins with no offical owner of the page, if you find that your page has already been created, sign up and follow the steps to take over your page (This will require you to get in contact with an Admin of Limelight).

Your information is used on Limelight for the purpose of itself only. We do not share any information with any outsider/3rd party companies.

We use your information to tailor your experience on Limelight as much as possible. We want to know your favourite genres and vague location to show you Artists and Venues that we think you will like.

After you leave a review on Limelight we analyse what has been submitted meticulously, comparing it against all the other reviews that the Artist or Venue has got.

We do not only execute analyzation on the ratings you give the Artist or Venue, we also scan the text content you write too. Because Limelight is all about the user centricity we want to make sure the reviews left on the website are as validated as possible.

We do this by using an industry standard machine learning tool from IBM to review and analyze emotion and tone in bodies of text. We use this to our advantage and greatly increases our ability to give better feedback to our users.

If you would like to read more information on this visit the IBM website